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Manor Matters MOD APK 3.6.1 (Unlimited Stars)

Manor Matters MOD APK
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Description of Manor Matters MOD APK 3.6.1 (Unlimited Stars)

Manor Matters MOD APK 3.6.1

It is undeniable that Hidden Hotel, Criminal Case, Home Designer – Dream House Hidden Object is one of the most popular hidden object games that never gets old. Well, hidden object games never expire with their fascinating and addictive gameplay. If you’ve ever tried any of the above, I’m sure you’ll love this game we’re about to review.

“Manor Matters” was published in 2019 by Playrix, which has several successful games such as Gardens capes, Fishdom, or Township. Since then, it has been a success, and despite the challenging challenges, the players will not give up. Even though I feel like someone who gets bored easily with a challenging game, “Manor Matters” is undoubtedly one of my favorite games of all time.


Manor Matters is a free-to-play mobile title in which players must renovate the old Castlewood manor while uncovering its hidden secrets. Players are first welcomed to an abandoned estate known as Castlewood. The estate is said to be haunted, and word has spread throughout the town. As Carl Assistant searches for the heir of Mr. Christopher Bruce, the previous owner of the mansion, he finds you, the new owner. As this is a critical situation, players are challenged to investigate the case and find answers to some important questions such as:

– Why is the castle abandoned?

– What dark secrets lie behind the tapestry?

– Is the estate haunted?

By answering these questions, you can find out the truth about the villa.

Players will be introduced to a tutorial by Carl to get an idea of ​​how it works. I think this game is pretty easy for you to understand. In “Manor Matters”, players will play both a detective and a home designer. As a detective, your goal is to inspect, investigate the house’s problems and uncover dark secrets. As a home designer, you can renovate rooms, and find antiques.

Manor Matters MOD APK 3.6.1


Intelligible and straightforward game play

Manor Matters Mod Apk
In “Manor Matters”, players will have to find hidden objects and play puzzle games to complete the missions. It may sound like a lot of work, but with a very clear step-by-step guide and transparent layout, players can experience Manor Matters to the fullest.

Through a captivating and entertaining story, you will have to complete scenes to earn stars so that mysteries and answers can be revealed. Although the game is suitable for all ages, Manor Matters still offers players some paranormal elements to make it even more interesting.

You will be able to explore lots of rooms in the mansion, each with special aspects to discover. Players will have a list of items in each scene to find, a help system can be used when stuck somewhere. As you restore and decorate the old building, hidden details and stories will be discovered so you can step back into the history of the place.

Manor Matters MOD APK 3.6.1

Scenes and a star-based reward system

“Manor Matters” offers players a variety of scenes to enjoy and explore, but you can’t choose a specific one to play. As this is a story, players will have to play the scenes to better understand them. The game progresses level by level and offers you a specific scene to play. If you fail, the only option is to play again until it’s finished, although it’s quite common to fail, don’t give up!

For me, this game is quite challenging. Objects are very well hidden. In each scene, a set of tasks will appear on the screen for you to complete and earn stars. In addition, each level has different types of missions to keep the player from getting bored. After completing levels, players are rewarded with coins and gifts from game characters.

Manor Matters MOD APK 3.6.1

Castle decoration

In addition to having to figure out the secret of this mansion, players can also design it with beautiful interiors. For each piece of furniture, you are going to install, you will have several options to choose from. They are all colorful and beautifully designed, so no matter what choice you make, I believe the castle will be a wonderful and dazzling place.

Each piece you renovate can take a while to complete, if you don’t want to wait you can use the money to speed it up. Since the mansion is a huge building, it can take several days to complete the area. Manor Matters may be difficult at first, but don’t be disheartened, you’ll get even more excited in every area you open.

Unlimited stars

Thanks to the useful feature of Manor Matters Mod APK, players can now have unlimited stars to restore furniture and open new areas. Feel free to renovate as many decorations and areas as you want.

Manor Matters MOD APK 3.6.1


The “Manor Matters” design team has done a great job in creating such an impressive and charming game. The remarkable aspect I want to talk about is that all the hidden objects are beautifully made and detailed. The visuals are colorful, and the animation is flawless. If Gardens capes can’t wow you with its graphics, “Manor Matters” certainly will.

Since this game has a scary side, the soundtracks and sound effects may be chilling for some people. Otherwise, players can relax while decorating and exploring the beautiful areas and gardens of this building.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a game where you can become both a skilled designer and a clever detective, “Manor Matters” is undoubtedly one of the most suitable games for you to enjoy. The game is not just about fun as it can bring you several new words to learn which will help you with your vocabulary.

Manor Matters MOD APK


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