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LEGO Friends  Heartlake Rush Mod Apk free Download

LEGO Friends  Heartlake Rush Mod Apk free Download
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General facts LEGO Friends:  Heartlake Rush Mod Apk

Friendship is at the coronary heart of LEGO Friends: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk, a brand new series that invitations kids to sign up for a collection of nice pals in their missions around the Heartlake metropolis. Race around the metropolis and play as any friends – from See how every man or woman’s specific personality comes from their interactions with each other.

LEGO Friends  Heartlake Rush Mod Apk free Download

As an example, Emma has a worry about ghosts. When she hears an unexplained sound coming from her bedroom at night, she panics until her sister reassures her that it’s miles just the wind knocking over a few flowers outdoors. And when Andrea learns that Steve is allergic to peanuts, she brings him some nuts in case he receives hungry at the same time as they’re studying collectively on the faculty roof.

Game play

In the game, you may choose any of the LEGO pals: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk characters and complete the responsibilities they have set out for you.

For instance, if Emma is your selected character, one of her missions could be to place a banner on a close-by construction. You are given instructions which include ‘click on the banner’ or ‘choose up the ladder, and you have to observe these commands to progress with the challenge.

 A set of high-quality friends On A project!

Do you ever want you can be part of a set of excellent pals on their way to fixing mysteries and supporting people? In Heartlake metropolis, that’s precisely what happens! Within the new LEGO pals recreation Heartlake Rush, players join Olivia and Emma at their faculty of Friendship, where their friends consist of Andrea, Mia, Stephanie, and Ethan.

LEGO Friends  Heartlake Rush Mod Apk free Download

There are lots of puzzles and missions to complete as they assist humans in need even as they are trying to find secrets surrounding the founder of Heartlake town. Watch the video above to analyze extra approximately this amusing sport!

Unique capabilities

  • LEGO® buddies Heartlake Rush is an imaginative new manner for women to build adventures with their favorite pals.
  • LEGO® buddies Heartlake Rush is to be had now at ToysRUs. Com and in stores nationwide for $24.99 or the suggested retail rate of £34.Ninety-nine.
  • build a laugh adventure along with your favorite pals like in no way before. Make certain you carry your cellphone or tablet for even more interactive game play!
  • Download iTunes or Google Play today with the aid of looking at Lego Friends: Heart lake Rush Mod Apk. And don’t forget to test out the app without the cost of video games and content, together with ten free packs of levels that include the sport purchase.
  • Test out our YouTube channel, which has awesome motion pictures and tutorials approximately LEGO® buddies Heartlake Rush.
  • Like us on Facebook or observe us on Twitter @LEGO Friends to get updates approximately new games and upcoming content material.

The tale of LEGO Friends: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk

It’s constantly a very good concept to have a plan for the surprise. And that is exactly what LEGO buddies: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk has in mind because it gives children the opportunity to peer how each of the buddies’ precise personalities influences their missions around town.

LEGO Friends  Heartlake Rush Mod Apk free Download

They race around the city and play like several buddies – from Stephanie, Ethan, Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Emma, and Liam to Daniel in a warm canine gown. Each friend has one-of-a-kind variations, relying on who you are playing with!

Who’re the pals?

The friends in LEGO Friends: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk is a diverse group of youngsters that have special personalities and interests. Olivia is an animal lover and has a puppy bunny, Emma likes to sing, Andrea is tech savvy, Ethan likes to draw cartoons, Mia loves occurring adventures along with her own family dog Pepper, and Liam can’t get enough of science experiments.

How Does this software work?

In LEGO® pals Heartlake Rush, youngsters are invited to sign up for the group of best pals in their missions around the Heartlake metropolis. The goal is to collect as much cash as possible at the same time as completing the project and keep away from obstacles like trains and puddles.

The game functions five specific characters with unique personalities and costumes, each with exceptional talents and competencies to transport around the metropolis.

Why is that special from different programs?

Girls are greater than just friends. They’re existence-lengthy friends. And that’s the message LEGO® buddies attempts to speak to younger ladies in this new software of theirs. In the game, children race around the metropolis and play as any buddies – from Stephanie, Ethan, Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Emma, and Liam to Daniel in a hot canine costume!

The first-rate factor approximately this application is that it’s now not truly a racing sport. It teaches them about friendship too. Kids will examine what each individual has in not unusual with one another and their particular personalities. LEGO® buddies Heartlake Rush also introduces one-of-a-kind missions for youngsters to take part in. It’s all approximately having a laugh!

A laugh sport For kids (And parents!)

The LEGO buddies: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk is off on every other journey, this time through the streets of Heartlake City.

That is a brilliant toy for children to play with and get a little exercise at an equal time. Children need to have an expansion of toys so as to get out their energy and not be caught in front of the tv all day. Here are five thoughts that will help you stay active at the same time as gambling with your favorite toys.

Technical specs

  • Play as any of the six buddy characters, along with Stephanie, Ethan, Mia, Olivia, Andrea, and Emma.
  • Watch the interaction of their home environments and get to understand their personalities even as they’re out on a project. Explore the LEGO buddies: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk global with friends old and new to assist discovers misplaced objects.
  • Race round metropolis, finishing missions like seeking out the misplaced ball or saving a canine from being stuck in a tree.
  • Your tasks will vary depending on which person you select to play with, but fun demanding situations are usually watched for.
  • in case you don’t sense up for something too adventurous, no worries – hold out at the mall.
  • kids ages can play the app five-12 years antique, and it requires an iPad 4th era going for walks iOS 8+ and a web connection (WiFi) is suggested.

How Can I am getting and install LEGO pals: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk?

  • To download LEGO pals Heartlake Rush, you need to have the state-of-the-art Microsoft Silverlight model.
  • Once downloaded, you may follow the onscreen instructions to install the sport.
  • The setup technique must take no extra than a couple of minutes and need no longer require any additional software.
  • Whilst the installation is complete, you’ll locate your newly set up recreation for your laptop’s most important menu and start playing!

Often asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What do you observe about the sport?

A: I might recommend it to everybody who has children. It can be performed by means of any age group and is a laugh manner for kids to play collectively. Every now and then did not want to place my phone down because I used to be having an excessive amount of amusement with this game!

Q: how many stages are there?

A: There are six tiers in general, with one being boss warfare. The final degree features Mia as she tries to rescue her sister Olivia from an evil scientist named Dr. Hackerstein. There also are ten challenges that players have to finish earlier than they pass on to the next degree, so those demanding situations serve as mini-bosses if you will.

On every occasion gamers complete an undertaking, they obtain either blue or crimson LEGO bricks, relying on what they did during the assignment. The greater blue bricks they have once they beat Dr.

Q: Who is this toy set for?

A: This toy set is ideal for youngsters 4-6 years vintage. The LEGO pals: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk toy set is designed to be utilized by any baby who desires to have amusement and play together. The main characters of the LEGO Friends Heartlake Rush to set consist of Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia, and Stephanie.

Q: What does this toy set come with?

A: The LEGO pals: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk toy set comes with automobiles: an ambulance and a helicopter. The toys also come with 4 mini-figures – Andrea, Ethan, Olivia, and Stephanie – and a few accessories such as fire extinguishers and first useful resource kits.

Q: What’s covered within the LEGO buddies Heartlake Rush Toy Set?

A: This toy set includes all the necessities for your favorite pals to revel in gambling in their new town!


Heartlake city is splendid vicinity to be with pals and LEGO pals: Heartlake Rush Mod Apk invites you to enroll at the amusing. With six specific characters, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re racing around town or taking on challenges from your friends, this sport has something for anyone. The game is straightforward to get into and may be played by kids of all ages.

LEGO Friends  Heartlake Rush Mod Apk free Download


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