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Guns of Glory MOD APK 8.1.0 (Clip range x100 & More)

Guns of Glory MOD APK 8.1.0
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Guns of Glory MOD APK 8.1.0 (Clip range x100 & More)

Guns of Glory Mod APK

Guns of Glory is a free and attractive real-time strategy game for Android and iOS mobile devices. Download Guns of Glory and players will experience a world of bloody battles and become the commander of an army to expel the evil forces from their kingdom.

You also need your resources by collecting quests like wood and gold to upgrade buildings and units. The arrangement of the formation and the creation of tactics will contribute to the achievement of resounding victories.

Guns of Glory is an MMO (massively multiplayer online) strategy game where you aim to build your empire and upgrade your army, then defeat enemies from around the world. The environment evokes the musketeer era with the addition of fantasy elements such as monsters and flying vehicles, all embellished with well-maintained graphics.

The gameplay is traditional in this genre. You have to time all actions with the possibility of speeding them up with in-app purchases. So it would help if you move quickly. Let’s see together how to play this title without spending money.

General information

Speaking of tower defense games on mobile platforms, not many people are familiar with the name Guns of Glory by Century Games. A defense game that combines tactical calculation with a bit of ingenuity in controlling soldiers, bringing a breath of fresh air to the old, boring style of the game genre.

This version of Heroes brings much more modern styles with a combination of heroes, skills, magic, and items, which promises a wonderful tower defense game.

In Guns of Glory, instead of playing western cowboys, you will go back to the Middle Ages with knights, dwarves, and mages. Inspired by Lost of the Ring, protect villages and fortresses from the attacks of an aggressive orcish army.

Instead of using money to buy units like in the previous version, you can only control three main characters in Guns of Glory, the knight Smirl, the dwarf Arlon, and the fairy Elsie. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses and unique skills to help you in battles.

In the style of Century Games, you can control your characters at will across the entire map. Also, you can have more and more customization for the player instead of having units lying around like many other players. Orc armies will attack from the default routes, but later on, there will be more soldiers and attack from many directions. This gives the player a smart strategy and agile controls to win the game.

In short, for fans of this game genre, Guns of Glory is a game with a new and attractive style that you should not miss. Although there are few unique and repetitive features on the screens of the later games, the difficulty of the game is an incentive for players to keep trying their best. The game has up to 50 levels with a distinct challenge in the later levels that will consume a lot of your time and effort.

Overall evaluation

Diversified game play

Guns of Glory gives players many game modes to choose from, such as PvP mode or battle with AI while completing missions. After completing all the tasks, the player will receive a certain amount of resources, which will be very important for upgrading the army and developing the kingdom.

Therefore, working hard every day will help you earn noble titles in Guns of Glory. In terms of gameplay, Guns of Glory belongs to the genre of strategy games combined with RPG elements. It allows players to customize fighters, buildings, armies, equipment, and other items.

Develop a strategy game that suits your style in Guns of Glory and finally declare victory. It would be best if you build a magnificent, prosperous building, and master a variety of skills and powerful weapons to ensure your survival and success in the strategic multiplayer war world.

Lords Mobile is also a real-time strategy game, but it supports the PC platform and brings dramatic battles in the service of the king, making the country prosperous. The gameplay in these games combines two tactical genres and role-playing campaigns with a productive map system and diverse missions.

When it comes to the control system, Guns of Glory has a fairly straightforward control method. Specifically, players need to touch and hold to control smoothly. Also, the seamless in-game chat translation feature makes Guns of Glory easily accessible to global players. Making friends with players from all over the world has never been easier.

Guns of Glory Mod APK

Operating system

For this game genre, the operating system and character control are straightforward. Like other adventure games, the player will hold guns to shoot monsters, animals, and ghosts. Each round you can earn coins and crystals to upgrade, which is the power of the weapon, the speed of fire, and the chance to get a great weapon.

At first glance, some people will think that it is not very pleasant. But when you try it, you will realize how amazing it is. But it depends on the player. If you’re playing to get addicted, there’s nothing to add. If you’re playing for fun, then take it slow.

Upgrade weapon power first and then fire rate for every four energy levels and one-speed level. Continue upgrading until the upgrade stops. We also need other things like a chance to get a substantial weapon.

However, depending on each person, they will find that the dodge type and the one that fires one or two bullets is better. You should follow this path because the higher the level, the more monsters.

Sometimes, when there’s no giant gun, you just have to sit and yawn. In terms of blood, it is also necessary, but you should not focus too much on it. If the weapon is weak, there is a lot of blood that will even die because it was not fired in time.

Unique characters

Each of your characters has four special skills. Smirl has melee and shield skills, Arlon has explosive skills with a wide range of damage, and Eloa is an archer with ice, fire, and light abilities.

After each attack, your characters will receive a certain amount of EXP, and you can upgrade skills after leveling up. Each skill has multiple uses on-screen to limit player abuse. But you can increase the number of applications by upgrading.

The game also provides a system of support items and spells sold in shops directly on the map of each level. With these support items, you can heal your character, increase your killing ability or create some special effects like slowing down the enemy.

The number of enemy units in each level is large, especially in the later stages. However, they are not diverse and their skills and magic are very limited. Most game screens use large numbers to overcome your barriers.

The difficulty of the game is low and you will have to face the blood buffalo units in large numbers, choose strategy, location, and combination of skills. And adequate item support is of utmost importance.

Guns of Glory Mod APK

Graphics and sound effects

Guns of Glory has a crisp 3D design combined with rich effects and visuals that make battles more dramatic and epic. Images of castles and fortresses are also simulated vividly and authentically.

And we must mention that the sound system plays a significant role in the game’s success.

The graphics of Guns of Glory brings bright color with simple character design, not too exaggerated and detailed but has their distinctive features. The stages are richly designed, from dense forests to swamps, deserts, and snowy mountains, all of which have many characteristics and do not cause monotonous repetition.

The audio also does its job well, with soft background music mixed with some heroics in the battles. You can also experience Blade & Soul, Garena’s charismatic RPG with a story with many mythic elements, which combines a deep game system and many surprises. In Blade & Soul, you will play as one of seven character classes with different power abilities.

Success Strategy

The game has a massive map, so the enemy has enough space to surround you, so you are always ready to defend your city. The enemy will do anything to occupy your country and grab as much money and resources as possible.

Manage the resources generated by your city and continue to build your city, which can help you get more resources and create the strongest army on the map.

Resources are the key

As you may have noticed, the critical factor limiting game growth is resources, not time. In the early stages of the game, you can train soldiers, upgrade buildings and start research every time at the end of the game.

However, depending on your activity, once you reach castle levels 13-15, you may no longer need this resource. First, you can start more construction and research and even train soldiers.

Collect items

There are tons of free items to earn in Guns of Glory, make sure you collect them. Log in daily, complete tasks, and then check your mail every day, and you’ll soon have plenty of items ready to go.

Do it and don’t waste the things you own! Please also pay attention to the buildings in front of the castle gate to collect free items.

Do tasks

When you start, you might be excited to try everything at once. However, before entering the battlefield, complete the mission first. They suggest most tasks to guide you in building your base.

Filling them out will help ensure your foundation is up to date. Try to complete the tasks quickly so that you can build most of the buildings you need.

Increase combat effectiveness


Guns of Glory APK Tips and Tricks

Installation and managed actions

To get started, we need to go to the Play Store, search for Guns of Glory and press the install button. Now start the game, a presentation video will start to introduce us to what we will have to do, and then we will be in the actual game.

It will start with a kind of tutorial to familiarize yourself with the dynamics of the game and the main features.

Guns of Glory Mod APK


Joining an alliance is highly recommended as it brings many benefits. First, the ability to ask other members to help build or upgrade their buildings, reducing wait times.

Even in battles, it will be possible to request extra units from your companions to increase your chances of victory. The thing is mutual in the sense that when someone else needs help, it will be possible to offer your support. When co-op actions are available, a notification will appear in the alliance icon, so you’re always ready to strike.

Game progress

Continuing the game is intuitive. It will mainly be necessary to upgrade buildings, with priority given to the castle and therefore all buildings that need to be upgraded.

As you progress, wait times for buildings and upgrades increase, so game times will increase exponentially. It will be up to you whether you decide to shorten the waiting times with in-app purchases. Or take your time in the game by using alliances as a gimmick.

Final words

Join Guns of Glory, the player’s task is to build a kingdom with an economy, science, technology, and a strong army. However, to maintain an army and develop a nation, food will be a significant factor that players must pay attention to and have strategies for.

If you like the RPG genre with superhero images, Guns of Glory will be the perfect choice for you. Join Guns of Glory. You will play the role of a warrior with other familiar characters to form a team to fight the opponent. You can download this fantastic game through this link.

Guns of Glory MOD APK 8.1.0


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